Can I Get a Dental Implant Crown Replacement?

Dental implants are a popular and effective way to replace missing teeth, but some may wonder if a lost dental implant crown can be replaced. When a person opts for dental implants, dental crowns are placed over the implants so that the entire replacement is fully functional. Over time, however, dental implant crowns may need to be replaced due to damage or staining. Fortunately, it is possible to replace dental implant crowns. However, it is not as simple as replacing a traditional dental crown placed over a natural tooth.

For those curious about dental implants and associated crowns, read on to learn more about the replacement process. Keeping a temporary dental crown on an implant for extended periods of time can cause problems or damage because it is not meant to be a long-term solution. After surgery and once the implant is fused, it is important to follow up with your dentist to get permanent dental crowns placed. It can be tempting to skip the additional dentist appointment and continue with the temporary ones, but a patient who does so risks having to start the tooth replacement process again. The replacement of the implant crown will be similar to the initial placement.

The oral surgeon will examine the abutment to see if it also needs to be replaced. If you need a new abutment, you may need one that fits the bill. This can also help it last longer. You will need impressions during the visit, which will be sent to a laboratory where the crown implant will be performed. Many times you will have a temporary crown on the abutment and implant if it is damaged.

It usually takes a couple of weeks for the crown with the permanent implant to be placed. If your pillar also needs to be replaced, both will be made with other custom-made ones. An implant is an excellent restoration option if you have missing teeth. Implants usually consist of three parts: the post, the abutment, and the crown. The post consists of a titanium screw that is surgically inserted into the jaw.

The implant post acts like artificial roots, replacing the roots of missing teeth. The tooth is replaced with a dental implant and the implant crown is usually attached to the dental implant. Dental implants require regular care, like natural teeth, which is the only way to ensure that teeth supported by implants last a lifetime. Implants are usually placed when patients are missing one or more teeth and are not interested (or have had no success with them) dentures or dental bridges. Dental implants allow you to get as close as possible to replacing the natural roots of your teeth, both in terms of functionality and health benefits. When the initial placement of the dental implant is performed, an oral surgeon will place a temporary crown over the implant so that, during the healing process, the patient can continue to function.

The process of replacing the crown of a dental implant is very similar to that of the initial placement of the dental implant crown. Implant crowning: A dentist will place a dental crown over the dental implant to complete the procedure. There is a wide range of dental implant restoration options available for people who have missing teeth. However, dentists at Pondside Dental Associates will recommend a dental bridge or dental prosthesis over underlying implants in case of replacement of several teeth. Oral surgeons place them during implant surgery to ensure that patients can continue to function normally during the implant fusion process.