Can I Get a Dental Implant After a Tooth Extraction?

No matter how many years have passed since your tooth extraction, you can still get a dental implant. Immediately after the tooth is removed, your dentist can insert a titanium post into the jaw. This post will gradually fuse with the bone to provide a reliable base for a custom dental crown. If you're interested in getting a dental implant but aren't sure whether to schedule oral surgery, you could still be a candidate years after having a tooth extracted. Dental implants are made up of three components: a post, an abutment and a restoration that mimic the function of natural teeth.

Taking the shape of a screw, the implant posts are embedded across the gumline in the jaw, just like the roots of natural teeth. Your dentist is likely to recommend dental implants as the best solution for replacing missing teeth because of the many benefits they offer. A more defined space for placing the dental implant and straighter teeth in general will provide the best environment for obtaining a new tooth. However, if years have passed since your extraction, these teeth may be too out of place or they may have sunk into the empty dental cavity, leaving no room for a dental implant.